I’ve recently come across MacPaw’s CleanMyMac app, it is absolutely amazing. I’ve always thought these kinds of Mac Apps to be useless, and removing content from your Mac using some unknown app can be quite dangerous. But after I’ve encountered the problem where iCloud unknowingly took up a huge amount of space from my computer, as described in my previous post, I only regret that I’ve not used CleanMyMac 3 earlier. It is an awesome tool in identifying potentially useless content that takes up a huge amount of space.

I was shocked to find out that iPhoto stored 5GB of just rotated photos. You can definitely safely delete all the rotated photos, since you can get them back easily by rotating your current versions in iPhoto, no single information ever lost.

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Cache files remember your previous state in using that app. It helps in loading stuff faster. But as described in my previous post, an app can go haywire sometimes and store a huge amount of useless data in Cache. CleanMyMac 3 helps you identify the large Cache files fast.

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One of the most common actions I perform on a Mac is ⌘C and ⌘P, for duplicating files or folders from one place to another. This has caused my Mac filled with all sorts of duplicate files, especially so for music files in iTunes. It becomes really annoying when my hard drive space getting gradually filled up.

Searching through each folders manually to find duplicate files or music is inefficient and tedious. Luckily there is an awesome app developed by MacPaw — Gemini.

Gemini is the fastest duplicate file finders I can find. Searching through my home folder which is as large as 218GB takes only less than a minute! Yes, less than a minute, even faster than the OSX performing folder size calculation .

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Its simple interface makes it really easy and intuitive to use. After a scan, it will bring you to the following page where it shows all the duplicate files. You can view the paths and remove the duplicate ones straight away from this app.

Gemini (MacPaw) Coupon – Best Duplicate File Finder on Mac

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