As I was writing my CV recently, I could not find any nice CV template for Mac Pages. I searched online, and found this template really suited my taste. The sad thing is that, though it is free, it is only available in the Adobe Illustrator format which makes it really hard to customise. So I stole the design and made my own CV in Pages.

For those of you who might have the same taste as me, my CV template is free for you to download CV_Peter_public.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 1.42.35 am.



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Yesterday night, as I was using my Mac, I got a pop-up warning saying that ‘Your storage is almost full‘. So I went on to clear my Trash can, downloads and some long-time-unused Apps. Eventually, I freed 18GB of my hard-drive space.

2 hours later, the same warning appeared again!

When I checked my Finder bottom bar, it showed that I am only left with 500MB!! If this was not scary enough, I watched the number decreasing from 500 to 498, 497, 496 …

I thought there must be some malicious programme trying to install a huge amount of stuff on my computer. But when I checked the Activity Network, the Data received/sec is only 4Kb, much less than the speed that my storage was filling up at. Nevertheless, a process name cloudd was taking up a substantial amount of CPU power.

I used the DaisyDisk app to help me check my storage.

Then I found the following stuff was taking up a HUGE amount of space (35GB):

/Users/[my username]/Library/Caches/CloudKit/

That file was generated by the iCloud Drive cache activity. Hope that Apple will fix the serious bug soon.


1. disable iCloud Drive through iCloud in System Preferences

2. delete the entire folder

/Users/[my username]/Library/Caches/CloudKit/


P.S. You may also checkout the CleanMyMac app to identify and remove large redundant files from your system to make more space.

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After I installed Yosemite, when I tried to open Eclipse (Java IDE) for the first time, I was prompted with the following error:

need to install legacy Java SE6 runtime

My solution:

First, install the latest Java update from the Java Control Panel in System Preferences

Click the circled Java Control Panel, install the updates from there

Click the circled Java Control Panel, install the updates from there

Then, I try to test my Java installation from the Terminal (find the built-in app in Launchpad) by typing the following command:
>>> java
And I get the following error:
No Java runtime present, requesting install.

So I downloaded the Java JDK (Java SE Development Kit 8u25) from:

The problem is solved after installing the downloaded package. I can now successfully open my Eclipse.

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This is Peter, currently an undergraduate student in Melbourne University studying Software Engineering.

I have a strong and immediate desire to gain my financial independence. Being inspired by “How to Get a Job as a Developer in Less Than Six Months – Learn With Jeff“, I am now trying to achieve the same kind of success.

I created this site to share my learning progress as well as the difficulties I’m about to encounter and the corresponding solutions.

For the next few days, I will be learning more about WordPress, its functionalities and its possibilities.

Stay tuned.

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