Yesterday night, as I was using my Mac, I got a pop-up warning saying that ‘Your storage is almost full‘. So I went on to clear my Trash can, downloads and some long-time-unused Apps. Eventually, I freed 18GB of my hard-drive space.

2 hours later, the same warning appeared again!

When I checked my Finder bottom bar, it showed that I am only left with 500MB!! If this was not scary enough, I watched the number decreasing from 500 to 498, 497, 496 …

I thought there must be some malicious programme trying to install a huge amount of stuff on my computer. But when I checked the Activity Network, the Data received/sec is only 4Kb, much less than the speed that my storage was filling up at. Nevertheless, a process name cloudd was taking up a substantial amount of CPU power.

I used the DaisyDisk app to help me check my storage.

Then I found the following stuff was taking up a HUGE amount of space (35GB):

/Users/[my username]/Library/Caches/CloudKit/

That file was generated by the iCloud Drive cache activity. Hope that Apple will fix the serious bug soon.


1. disable iCloud Drive through iCloud in System Preferences

2. delete the entire folder

/Users/[my username]/Library/Caches/CloudKit/


P.S. You may also checkout the CleanMyMac app to identify and remove large redundant files from your system to make more space.

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