As a beginner in web programming, I had never worked on any web development framework. Though I had a basic understanding of Python modular programming (i.e. I knew for loops, if else statements, functions and methods), HTML and CSS, these did not alleviate me any pain in understanding how the Rails framework works. In this article, I’m trying to share with you the path I’m taking to learn Ruby on Rails.


1. Advice for Complete Programming Newbies

If you are a complete starter in programming, I will strongly suggest you to learn the basics of HTML and CSS before starting on the adventure of RoR. A great place to start may be Codecademy.


2. Learn Rails before Learning Ruby?

Hell no!

Many people are suggesting the newbies to learn Rails before learning Ruby¬†(I can’t imagine how anyone will be able to do that). In fact, I had gotten this advice myself when I was a complete starter. And I went on to start reading about Rails, assuring myself that it was OK not to understand any of the Ruby code. I just ended up not learning anything.

Ruby has some key elements that are totally different from other languages. Rails is a framework that is built on Ruby, trying to understand any of the Rails stuff without a basic understanding of Ruby will just prove to be a disaster.

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